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A Caregiver's Blog - Getting Out With My Client

While assisting with a shower and getting dressed for the day I asked if she would like to take a ride and stop somewhere for lunch. Individualizing transportation gives people the feeling that they still have that connection to the outside world!

A Caregiver's Blog - Building a Foundation of Trust

I can best understand how they may feel by putting myself in their shoes, and realizing that trust would always be the biggest hurdle to overcome with all my clients. Knowing this, I slowly begin to build a foundation of trust between us from day one.

Career Choices

With changes from the recent Covid-19 pandemic, employees all over are challenging themselves to find meaning in the work they do.

Our Essential Heroes

For most people in caregiving, the “Why” you do what you do, is because you have it in you to provide the best for others, and help them “see life through” and it is fulfilling at the end of the day to know that you’ve made a difference, and put your heart and soul into your work.

Loneliness Harms Health

In numerous studies, researchers are finding that people who have strong friendships age better, recover from illness quicker, have stronger immunity, and live longer.

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