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Personal Care Assessment vs. Skilled Care Assessment

When a local Right at Home office is contacted for service, a consultation is performed to assess the care needs of the client so a custom care plan can be initiated. As state regulations and services vary, differing consultations may be considered—a personal care assessment or a skilled care assessment will be conducted by a local care team member or a professional licensed nurse (a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse).

american red cross infographic

Four Different Ways You Can Donate Blood

“Many people think they need to know their blood type beforehand, but a lot of people learn their blood type upon donation,” says Samantha Pollard, External Communications Manager for the American Red Cross. “There is also no age limit for donating blood. Many of our best and most regular donors are over the age of 65!”

frozen foods

5 Myths About Frozen Foods

Although frozen foods have a much longer expiration date than fresh foods, they do, in fact, have a limited shelf life. The concern is not so much food safety, but rather quality control.

women sitting together on a hammock

Improving Communication With Someone With Dementia

Especially with Alzheimer’s-type dementia, the plaques and tangles in the brain affect a person’s judgment and reasoning. The person with dementia struggles to reason clearly and they have a lapse in judgment.

amberley snyder on horse

Turning Tragedy Into Triumph

“When you’re frustrated over something that you can’t control, you’re allowed to speak up for yourself,” says Amberley Snyder, the U.S.'s only paralyzed barrel racer and national rodeo champion. "You should remember you can advocate for yourself. You can make people aware that changes need to happen, because if not for you, it’s going to be for the person behind you, and that is what is important.”

diabetes test

Type 2 Diabetes Awareness, Prevention and Management

The American Diabetes Association recommends that everyone be screened for diabetes starting at age 45. Those with higher risk factors besides age should be screened earlier. A basic diabetes screening via a simple blood sugar test can alert you to indicators of diabetes before the disease begins.

canned foods

Are Canned Foods Healthy?

February is Canned Food Month, created in 1987 as a way to clear up misconceptions about canned food, including whether or not it is good for you. Is canned food actually healthy and safe? Let’s look at what is fact and what is fiction.

dr diane darby beach on tv

12 Questions on Discovering and Communicating the Need for Care

When communicating that a patient needs extra care, Dr. Beach advises healthcare professionals to validate the feelings of all family members, but solicit feedback from a family member who understands and believes that the patient needs help. It’s important to focus on improving the quality of life of the patient. Emphasize that outside or additional help that attends to the patient’s care needs will not only keep the patient safe, but also will allow family members to enjoy their relationships with their loved ones.

mother daughter conversation

Initiating The Conversation With Seniors

How do you initiate the conversation with loved ones about health, finances and end-of-life issues? How do you invite positive dialogue among key family members?


Multigenerational Workforce in a Home Care Setting

“I really love it so much,” says King. At 62, she is not thinking about retiring any time soon. “I even go to help people on my days off—it doesn’t feel like work! You can learn so much from older people. I love their stories and their friendship. I’m very lucky.”