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Encouraging Older Men to Take Care of Their Health

Get tips to help encourage the older men in your life to make healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating well, giving up smoking, getting enough exercise and managing stress and their health.

Senior and Caregiver fishing

5 Myths About Parkinson’s Disease

In honor of Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we’ve identified some of the most common myths to help you better understand the disease


Infographic: Senior Wellness “Prescriptions” You Don’t Fill at the Pharmacy

Your doctor gives you advice about medications, medical treatments and your health conditions. But that’s just the beginning. Your healthcare provider also is the best source of information about a wide variety of lifestyle matters. Here are topics to discuss during your next checkup.

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10 Tips for Improving Sleep Quality

Barely half of Americans say they are getting enough sleep, and even fewer are sleeping well. Here are 10 tips for improving sleep quality

Great tips to lower your salt intake

Infographic: Great Tips to Lower Your Salt Intake

Most of us consume too much salt because we have a taste for it! But experts say we can retrain our taste buds to crave substantially less dietary sodium. Check out these ways to do just that.

senior reviewing their medications

Polypharmacy in the Elderly

Medications can protect health and lengthen life, but they also can create health hazards. Learn more about polypharmacy and its impact on older adults.