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Boston Metro West's Champion of the Month 2020

A female caregiver wearing scrubsRight at Home Boston Metro West has one simple mission, to improve the quality of life for those we serve. Our caregivers help us deliver on that promise every single day as they provide outstanding care for our valued clients and their families. Every month, we like to feature one of these fantastic caregivers as our Champion of the Month. All of our superstar caregivers who win Champion of the Month are then eligible to win our Champion of the Year award.

If you would like to nominate one of our wonderful caregivers for Champion of the Month, please contact us online, and tell us why!

September 2020 Champion of the Month, Joanita K.

Joanita has been a Certified home Health Aide (HHA) with RAH Boston Metrowest for one year!

“My inspiration to be a caregiver comes from my love for people, my children, and my previous work experience. I was a customer care advisor in my country and for the longest time, I solved people's queries and complaints over the phone, and I dealt with all sorts of customers - irate, happy and disappointed etc. Secondly I am a mother and the way I love and care for my kids is the same way I love to care for my clients. What’s better than helping people live their lives the best possible way?”

Joanita personally likes working for RAH because of the security, consistency, and support. “I haven't been out of work from the day that I started, and I have been paid every single week. Also my bosses have been very understanding. I have talked the office employees and they are all very respectful, they treat me with dignity and are very appreciative of my services.”

Joanita is appreciated by her clients and their loved ones, for example a client’s wife said that Joanita makes him “so happy, he sees the tenderness in her eyes and knows she truly cares for him.”

To be a great caregiver, Joanita advises others to build rapport with their clients from the first shift, don’t take anything personally, and treat clients like family… “with love, compassion, empathy, respect, and dignity”. “To get through bad days, I remind myself that clients don’t actually mean to be difficult, it is just the circumstances they are in. I like to take a moment to breathe in and out slowly if I feel overwhelmed, it really helps!”

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Joanita K., Right at Home of Boston Metro West's Caregiver of the Month for September 2020

Waldophe M., Right at Home Boston Metro West Caregiver of the Month August 2020

August 2020 Champion of the Month, Waldophe M.

Waldophe has been a CNA with Right at Home for 1 year! His experience, knowledge, and work ethic shine through his work and he is a great representation of our values and mission. When you meet Waldophe you are immediately put at ease with his warm demeanor and sincerity. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Waldophe demonstrates adaptability and compassion that has clients requesting for his return. He has rearranged his schedule to accommodate clients in need and is reliable and punctual which we are so appreciative of. We can always depend on Waldophe! Over the past year, Waldophe has delivered exceptional care to his long term client, and carries out a range of responsibilities without hesitation. He is very humble, understanding, and level headed under pressure. If his client become distressed or upset, Waldophe remains calm and professional, and thinks outside the box to redirect the client. We are so grateful to have this champion caregiver on our team. Thank you and congratulations Waldophe!

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July 2020 Champion of the Month, Jacinta M.

This wonderful HHA has been with Right at Home since summer of 2018. Jacinta is a true team player, she often steps up when there is an emergency and a client needs help last minute. She will rearrange her schedule to accommodate her clients, and consistently demonstrates willingness, dedication, and unparalleled patience.

Jacinta took care of her grandmother for 7 years until she passed at 100 years old. Her experience caring for her grandmother is the reason she now takes care of others as if they are family, and the reason she decided to pursue caregiving professionally. “As an African born woman, I grew up doing this type of work as it is the women’s role in the family. Caregiving is a part of me and I have a passion for working to improve the lives of others. Back in Uganda my first professional job was at a home based care program where I cared for people with HIV and a variety of other needs.” Jacinta continues to make a positive impact on people’s lives each day, and is appreciated by the office staff, fellow caregivers, clients, and their loved ones. Thank you and congrats to Jacinta!

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Jacinta M., Right at Home Boston Metro West Caregiver of the Month July 2020

Tina. A, Right at Home Boston Metro West Caregiver of the Month for June 2020

June 2020 Champion of the Month, Akouavi "Tina" A.

Tina has been a CNA with us for over 5 years! She is overall a pleasure to have on our team and consistently helps cover last minute cases. She has been described by clients as “Awesome, energetic, and knowledgeable”. Her clients are very appreciative of her proactiveness, personablness and hard work. We know we count on Tina to provide quality care and we are so grateful for all she does. Thank you and congrats Tina!

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May 2020 Champion of the Month June P.

June has been a CNA with Right at Home Boston Metrowest for over 5 years! She is extremely hard working, diligent, and caring. She brings a sense of security to RAH staff, clients, and their loved ones as we know our clients are safe, well cared for, and in good hands with June. Her clients say she “does things gracefully without complaint” and is “thoughtful, quick, and the best of the best”. Thank you June for all that you do, and congratulations!

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June P., Right at Home Boston Metro West Caregiver of the Month 2020

Deb K - Right at Home Boston Metro West Caregiver of the Month April 2020

April 2020 Champion of the Month, Deb K.

“I just love helping people. Clients that I work with tend to get better and I feel it’s because I give them the careful attention they need. Seeing someone get better is an inspiration to me” said Deb. Lucky are we, to have this one of a kind CNA, Debbie on our team for over 10 years! Her clients describe her as “Wonderful, caring, sensitive, great, and hard working” and she has made a positive impact on countless lives throughout her career. “Right at Home is fantastic company, I have been with them forever. I have recommended a lot of people to work for RAH because they care about their clients and caregivers and I think its wonderful. They are caring, considerate, fair, and informative on different levels, they are great” said Deb. Thank you Deb for everything you do, and congratulations!

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March 2020 Champion of the Month Sharifah N.

We are pleased to celebrate this wonderful caregiver Sharifa as our March, Caregiver of the month! Sharifa goes above and beyond to help her clients and RAH team. She is described by clients as “Sweet, capable, reliable, and very caring.” She takes on challenges, helps cover last minute cases when needed, pays attention to detail, and has proven that she genuinely cares about her clients. “I am so grateful for her patience and kindness” said the daughter of current client. Thank you, Sharifa for the important work you do and the amazing difference you make. Congrats!

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Sharifah N - Right at Home Boston Metro West Caregiver of the Month March 2020

Rosalie Q - Right at Home Boston Metro West Caregiver of the Month February 2020

February 2020 Champion of the Month, Rosalie Q.

Congratulations to our wonderful, Rosalie! She has been an HHA with Right at Home for 4 years. Her clients describe her as compassionate, helpful, and a great cook. She helps cover last minute cases, is a great team player, and pleasure to work with! Rosalie’s kindness never fails to make her clients and the RAH team smile. We are grateful to recognize her as our February, 2020 Caregiver of the Month. Thank you for all your hard work Rosalie!

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