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Our Core Values

Be a Team Player

Caregiving is a team effort. Our internal team consists of professional caregivers and management, on a mission together to deliver a superb experience to our clients, helping and supporting each other at all times. Our extended team includes other professionals delivering care to our clients, family members and trusted advisors. Plus, our clients are also part of the team!

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Deliver Competent Service on All Levels

Our agency has multiple layers of varying responsibilities that merge together to provide an all-around excellent experience for those we serve. Each person is significant and if one fails it is difficult to succeed – we are reliant on each other to deliver competent services to our clients and each other.

Support Positive Growth in Each Other

We promote a positive growth mindset by acknowledging, embracing, and learning through challenges together. We support each other through coaching and create breakthroughs out of breakdowns.

Attention to Detail is Huge

While our ultimate goal is improving the quality of life for those we serve, we know it’s the small things that promote positive steps forward and prevent steps back. It is the small things that often matter most. We see attention to detail in all areas as the hallmark of professionalism, passion, and reliability.

Time is the Essence of What We Do

Being there when needed, responding quickly to urgent situations, the needs of our clients, and their families and trusted advisors - all of these are critical to our mission. Often we may act as the first caregiving responder, 24/7, every day. Being timely and prompt in all facets of our work, and especially when delay is not an option, is the essence of our operations.

Speak Openly with Respect and Without Fear

Our company is a learning organization on the road of continual improvement. To thrive on that road we have created a culture of open, honest and respectful communication. We are always listening to our staff and those who we serve. That is how we grow and succeed.

Do What You Commit to Doing

Commitment is much less a matter of making a verbal pledge to quality services and more about demonstrating daily behaviors that evidence the solidity and legitimacy of that pledge. As a team internally and externally we work together to build trusting relationships among one another and those we serve.

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Challenge Status Quo and Embrace New Ideas

We strive for creativity and innovation by actively seeking direct feedback and encouraging new and better ways of doing things. The role and voice of each employee greatly matters, and having an open mind and positive attitude toward change throughout keeps us proactive in making strides towards continuous improvement.

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