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Top story from Julie Burket as Owner 

"As the owner of Right at Home Central Oregon for the past 9 ½ years, I’ve witnessed many amazing circumstances and events. We’ve shed many tears when our clients pass away, laughed hysterically at the crazy things that happen, and have experienced incredible happiness when our caregivers and clients accomplish our mission: maintain their independence and quality of life. However, this story tops my list.

Client Tim

Our client, Tim, was shot outside of a restaurant last New Year’s Eve, 2018. He was in critical condition and doctors were skeptical he would survive as he lay bed-ridden for 6 months in a Skilled Nursing Facility. Doctors and Physical Therapists said he’d never be able to walk again; telling him his wheelchair would be a permanent fixture in his life.

Tim was sent home with Right at Home, central Oregon caregivers to help him adjust to life at his home. Our Caregiver, Charlene, lovingly nicknamed, ‘Chuck’ was our first choice for Tim. Since last July, she’s been there every day from 8:30-5:30 Monday through Friday without fail. She lifts him up when he’s depressed, makes him laugh when he wants to cry, gives him energy to fight when he wants to give up. She gets into the swimming pool with him for Physical Therapy and never lets him go without his exercises or appointments.

Several months ago, much to the shock of doctors and P.T’s, Tim walked. “No more wheelchair for me!” he said. As the weeks and months moved on, so did Tim. With Chuck’s help, hard work, and dedication to Tim, he continued to progress. They both came to our “We love our Caregivers!” party on February 13th and told us the Physical Therapist told him he could begin using a cane. Yes, he will no longer have to rely on his walker!

During our event, we recognized Chuck with “The most dedicated caregiver” award. Her work is truly inspirational. She and Tim have a friendship filled with laughter, love, and dedication.

This…is why we do what we do."

Julie Burket, Owner, Right at Home Central Oregon

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