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Home Health Aide (Washington, DC)

A Home Health Aide provides for the maintenance of a safe and clean environment.  Performs various housekeeping tasks, meal preparation and companionship activities for clients in their residences.

Essential Functions

  • Performs homemaking activities which include (but are not limited to): vacuuming, dusting, sweeping or mopping floors, doing dishes, changing bed linens, doing laundry and cleaning bathrooms.
  • Prepares meals and snacks according to instructions.
  • Performs errands and/or provides transportation
  • Provides companionship for the client. This includes accompanying client on walks, trips to social/recreational activities, assistance with hobbies, etc.


1. Home Health Aide Certification or DC-CNA license (we can provide the DC license endorsement form)
2. Valid Identification Card
3. Social Security Card
4. CPR Certification
5. Physical Exam (Physical should state "free of communicable disease" and must be within six months from the date applying)
6. PPD Test Results (if +PPD results, need chest X-ray results)
7. Driving Record
8. DC Police Clearance (must be within six months from the date applying)
9. 2 Professional References
10. At least 1 Year Experience
11. A valid email address
12. Completion of a written Competency Evaluation.
13. Completion of a written Pre-Interview Assessment
14. Ability to read, write, speak and understand English as needed for the job.

We accept applications Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00am - 1:00pm only.
A competency evaluation and pre-interview assessment are administered at the time of application.

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