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Caregiver helps manage medicine
Published By Right at Home Essex County on August 29, 2019

Remembering to take your medication can be a difficult task, especially for seniors with memory deficits. Here is a list of tips & tricks for getting it done daily:

Use a Pillbox

This may seem like an obvious suggestion; however, many seniors and their families underscore the importance of using a pillbox. Pillboxes are vital when it comes to taking medications on the correct day of week and time of day. A competent family member, friend or hired nurse should be responsible for preparing the pillbox ahead of time. If the person taking the medications does not know the day of week, they should have a caretaker in the home to assist. Companies like PillPack also ease the burden of organizing medication.

Phone Applications or Alarm Clock

For our tech savvy seniors and adults, there are many smart phone applications that can be used for medication reminders. For those who are not tech savvy, enlist a family member to assist with setup. This can be a great tool once up and running.

If a smart phone is not an option, use a basic alarm clock and keep the medication close by.

Association with Daily Tasks

If your medication is taken with breakfast, leave it on the kitchen table or even inside of your favorite coffee cup. For evening medication, leave next to your toothbrush. Afternoon medication? Place next to your favorite chair in the TV room. Whatever the routine may be, establish a connection between medication and specific activities.

Pill Bottle Timer

Did you know that there are pill bottle cap alarms that can attach to your medications? The alarm on the medication will remind you when to take your pills and tell you when you missed an alarm.


Create a basic checklist of daily tasks and include medications. Checklists not only serve as great reminders, but they also create sense of purpose and feelings of accomplishment. It sounds simple but can be effective for some.

About the Author: Dr. Erica Mohan is a licensed pharmacist in the state of New Jersey. She studied at St. John’s University School of Pharmacy and Allied Health and graduated in 2012 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She has practiced in various aspects of the pharmacy field including manufacturing, hospital, and retail pharmacy.

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