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Ed and Carol Mosman, Owners

Ed and Carol Mosman

Carol Mosman is a Registered Dietitian with a degree in Public Health from UCLA. Carol has strong interests in promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle, through appropriate food choices and exercise. She has been teaching family music for fifteen years, and is interested in incorporating music into the care of seniors. Music is particularly significant in the case of Alzheimer's patients, since the areas of the brain affected by the disease do not impact the musical areas of cognition. Additionally, she is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic Practice Groups for Health Care Communities and Healthy Aging. She is also a volunteer for the Alzheimer's Association, and at a local senior care facility, Valley West Health Care Center.

Ed Mosman started his healthcare career shortly after graduating with a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Oregon in 1981. Over the past 30 years, Ed served as a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry (specializing in anti-glaucoma medication), sold total hip and knee joint replacements, and participated in the design and layout of several different major medical facilities. He has worked on opening such local facilities as: Slocum ASC, McKenzie-Willamette Hospital, OHSU's recent remodel project, Three Rivers Hospital, Providence Newberg, and St. Charles Hospital in Bend, amongst others. He is a volunteer with the Alzheimer's Association, and also gives his time to local area nursing homes. "For over three decades, I have truly enjoyed helping seniors live an active and full lifestyle. One that I would ultimately like to lead," he said.

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