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Right at Home Eugene chose Parkinson’s Disease (PD) because no one is focusing on supporting it here in Eugene. The idea came from another Right at Home owner, whose business is in Minnesota. Also, Julie Burkett at the Bend, Oregon office actually facilitates the Parkinson’s Support Group in Central Oregon, the Central Oregon Parkinson's Council. It is the largest support group in the state.  Parkinson's CareOften, over 100 people attend the monthly meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of the month form 10 a.m. to noon at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Eugene. Our owner, Ed Mosmon, makes the coffee and helps clean up the kitchen at every meeting.

We participate by attending the annual PD Charity Dinner in Portland. We contributed over $800 at the dinner in May this year. We also contributed $300 on the PD Walk in Eugene on September 10.

We traveled to Portland to attend a PD Conference put on by Oregon Health Science University.

We attend several conferences a year and then report back to the support group about new drug studies, new devices and exercise regimens for PD patients.

Owner Carol Mosman is a Registered Dietitian and she has spoken to the group about appropriate diets for clients with PD. She applies this knowledge with our clients when working with families of our PD clients.

Our caregivers are also instructed in special diet information for our clients. We understand the symptoms of PD and we teach our caregivers how to look for them and help our client’s cope. There are many devices that have been produced to help people cope with PD.

We have a strong knowledge of working with devices. We understand the importance of exercise for PD patients. We have attended workshops on appropriate exercise and purchased materials to use in exercise instruction.

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