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Thank you caregivers. You are heroes!
Published By Right at Home on August 05, 2020

Caregiver Appreciation Day

Boxed lunch for the Right at Home caregiversThe Caregiver Appreciation was held at our Right at Home office in Bel Air, Maryland on Friday June 5th. It was our reopening of our office to the caregivers since the COVID-19 shut down. So it was our first time seeing the caregivers in over a month face-to-face. We all enjoyed being able to reconnect with them and show them how much they are appreciated for all the hard work they do, especially during this tough time with COVID-19 pandemic.

Caregiver Care PackagesOur staff handed out "Because Someone I Love Is a Senior" t-shirts, water bottles, PPE, and boxed lunches supplied by Chick-fil-A. There was also a raffle for a summer fun bundle! Right at home owner, Don Orlando, did the honors of announcing the lucky winner of the big bag full of goodies. The signs on our booth say it all. Thank you caregivers for all you do. You are heroes!

Right at Home owner, Don Orlando, with the big caregiver prize.
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