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lgbt older adult project

Dr. Carolyn A. Bradley, Associate Professor of Social Work at Monmouth University, has 25 years of clinical experience in individual, group, and family therapy with a specialty in addiction recovery and a subspecialty in lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender issues.

One of Dr. Bradley's research interests is in the area of aging. She and her fellow Dr. Kelly conducted a research between 2011 and 2012 on whether aging is the same for everyone. The research was then narrowed down to "investivage the health disparities among older LGBT adults and address the ussue of cultural competency with providers."

Based on the research, Dr. Bradley developed a training curriculum for care agencies to understand and attend to the needs of LGBT elders. The program aims at creating a more gay-friendly care environment for all LGBT adults. Right at Home of Central New Jersey is proud to become a partner of Dr. Bradley in presenting the training program.

The program - Cultural Competency Training - focuses on creating an awareness of the unique concerns and service needs of the LGBT elders. For more information, please visit the LGBT Older Adult Project info page of the Monmouth University.

We cordially invite healthcare professionals who work in assisted living facilities, rehab centers, long-term care facilities and senior centers to join us in this free training workshop. If you are interested in scheduling a session, please contact us at 732-967-0900, or email us at Beth@rahcentral.com.

*The program will be conducted by Jennifer S. Dunkle under the supervision of Dr. Bradley. Jennifer is in the dissertation stage of the PhD in Social Wok Program at Fordham University. She earned her MSW from the School of Social Work at Monmouth University, and is currently an adjunt instructor there. 

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