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When you are a caregiver and you need some time for yourself, Right at Home Monmouth Middlesex can help you with Respite Care.

When you are a caregiver for your parent, spouse or sibling, caring for them 24/7 can begin to wear on your physical and mental health. It can be an all-consuming job with not a lot of downtime and not much recognition. You may find yourself not eating right, not sleeping well or not feeling well. But this doesn’t have to be the case. It can take a village to do everything that is needed and, when you need a helping hand, we are there.

Benefits of Respite Care

Right at Home Monmouth Middlesex provides respite senior care services that can address the caregiver’s mental and physical well-being. And when the caregiver (you) is healthy emotionally and physically, the patient remains healthy, too.Respite care can:

  • Offer relief, downtime and escape
  • Prevent the buildup of resentment
  • Improve the health and happiness of you and your loved one
  • Allow you to feel revived and refocused when you return
Caregiver Offering Companionship to Senior

How Respite Care Works

Depending on your needs, as well as those of your loved one, a respite care worker will come to your home for a few hours. These visits could be once a week or three times per week. While the respite care worker tends to your loved one, you’re free to get away. You can use these hours to meet friends for lunch, attend a hair appointment, or even read a book in the backyard. The point is that it is your time to rest and recover. Maybe you don’t need respite care on a regular basis but you want to take a family vacation or you need to travel for business purposes.

We can provide respite care (either hourly or live-in) for your family member for a week or a month or anywhere in-between that allows you to enjoy your time off or attend to business needs without having to worry about how your loved one will manage on his/her own. Because our nurses and caregivers are trained to deal with many types of disease and conditions (for example, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes), you can be assured that your loved one will receive the specialized care they need while you're away. Remember that when you get on a plane, the first thing the flight attendants tell you is to put on your own oxygen mask before you try to help someone else put on theirs. When you take care of yourself, you are better able to take care of the person you love!

Please call our office at 732-967-0900 or contact us online. One of our respite care professionals will visit your home and provide you with a free assessment to determine your needs, as well as those of your loved one. Our professionals are flexible and we will partner with you to determine the best schedule for respite care for your family. We provide care from a few hours a day to overnight shifts to live-in care. We'll work with you to come up with the best plan for your family and always be available 24/7 to help. We care for your family as we would for our own!

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