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We know that looking for home care can be stressful. Some conversations can be difficult when considering the needs of yourself or your senior loved one. How do we know?  We lived it ourselves. 

We have been in your shoes, and have had to look for help in providing care to our loved ones too.  Rest assured, we understand the emotions you may be feeling, and you have our full attention in every interaction you have with us. We encourage you to reach out and speak to us directly about how Right at Home of Central New Jersey can help you.  

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Below are some of our personal stories.  We hope you find comfort knowing that we were in your shoes, and that we are here to serve you.  

Let me tell you my story….

By Ellen Burke, Director of Client Satisfaction

My goal in my work is to make sure that every client is getting the care they need and that both the client and their family members are not just satisfied but happy with the service that we are providing. I do that because I believe in the guiding principle that Beth has established for her business: “we care for your family as we would care for our own”. Beth’s goal is to exceed our client and their family members expectations every day!

I know that’s true because I have been where you are! Before I was blessed to work for Right at Home of Central New Jersey, I was a client.

Ellen Burke's Mother

Ellen Burke's Mother

About 10 years ago my dad who was a relatively healthy 83 year old got dizzy one day, went to the hospital and tests revealed a myriad of conditions that were intimidating. A lifetime of smoking had finally caught up to him. After his initial stay in the hospital, he was so weak that he needed to go to a rehab facility to get his strength back and be able to walk on his own again.

A few weeks into his long stay, the social worker approached us and said that in planning his discharge they strongly recommended that we get in-home care for him. My mother insisted she could do it but I knew that as someone in her 70s, she wouldn’t physically be able to manage a lot of the care my dad would need. We asked the social worker to recommend some homecare companies to us and they gave us several candidates. One of them was Right at Home of Central New Jersey.

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My Father and His Driving Test

By Hali Figueroa, Director of Client Care

I was able to take some time to spend with my father on one of the most important days of his life. He was summoned by letter to appear to take his driver re-examination tests (both written and road).

The drive to the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles, whether you are 17 or in your 70s, is always a nerve-wracking experience. In your 70s it is more so because you are fighting to keep the independence that you have had for over half of a century! The standing in line to wait to take the test is grueling. Watching the others that have gone before you pass or fail leaves you imagining what your results will be in end.

hali's dad

Hali Figueroa's Father

I watched my father struggle a bit with the vision test but he finally got through that step and was given a testing cubicle. As I left the testing room I saw another man peering over to look at an elderly gentleman who was in the process of taking the written test. I asked him if it was his father. He informed me the man was his client and that he was the driving instructor. He then shared that he hoped the gentleman would pass the tests so that he and his wife of 73 years could continue their weekly trips to the grocery store, doctor offices and so forth.

We both paced the hallways, hoping for the best results. It was a thumbs up on the first round for his client and for my father as well!

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Forever Friends

By Beth Sholom, Owner of Right at Home Central New Jersey

Through grammar school, the service, weddings, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Through life’s ups and downs - friends for over 85 years!

Can you imagine saying goodbye?

The smiles, the laughter, the milestone occasions, the pain, the sorrow and sadness all shared by these wonderful men for over eight decades.

This is the story of my Dad and his friends; they just lost one of their crew! How lucky and blessed they have been to have each other through thick and thin.

Three men playing backyard football

Beth Sholom's Father with Friends

It is heartbreaking, lump in your throat, not able to speak, quivering lip, reverberating pain in my head to hear this news. Me, owner of a home care company who tries to give people the best quality of life in their twilight years!

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That Girl Was Me...

By Catherine Zalewski, Client Care Coordinator & Executive Home Health Aide

My name is Catherine. Let me tell you my story…Imagine a healthy girl suffering the debilitating effects of a stroke: re-learning how to walk, talk and put on her clothes by herself. All of the things she once knew how to do with her eyes closed, seemingly lost within her brain. Imagine her finding out that she had a hole in her heart that she never knew about, and had it surgically repaired only to suffer another stroke.

That girl was me.

At age 28, I suffered my first stroke. I really do not like even using the term “suffered”; I prefer to say that I survived! I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me because I certainly felt sorry enough for myself while I was recovering and undergoing my therapies.

Catherine Zalewski, her husband, and two children posing for a family photo

Catherine and Family

I spent months at JFK Rehabilitation Center, retraining my brain to do all of the things I once did without even thinking. I distinctly remember having an alarm placed underneath me as I laid in the hospital bed with the words “fall risk” written just about everywhere in the room. I remember having to take a shower with an aide because I was a “fall risk.”

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