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Personal Care Assistant

The successful candidate is specifically trained, competent and performs assigned functions of personal care and homemaker services to a patient in their personal residence under the direction, instruction, and supervision of a registered nurse.

Job Summary:

Provides for the maintenance of a safe and clean environment. Performs various housekeeping tasks, meal preparation and companionship activities for clients in their residences. Provides various personal care and related services in accordance with an established plan of care. Provides for the personal needs and comfort of patients in their homes.


1. Providing quality of life and making a difference
2. Flexible schedules
3. Competative wages
4. Overtime optional
5. Performance reviews and pay increases
6. Telephony
7. Client referral bonuses
8. Caregiver referral bonuses
9. Online payroll access
10. Clearcare App
11. Friendly office staff
12. 401K
13. INput into client's care plan
14. Caregiver of the year
15. New client introductions
16. On the job training
17. Care-specific training
18. State approved personal care assistant certification

19. Specialized training certifications
20. Skills matched to clients
21. Facebook family
22. Fun giveaways and contests
23. Prior evening shift alerts
24. Online inservices
25. Paid training
26. Family atmosphere
27. Direct deposit
28. Paid on-call opportunities
29. Discounted cell phone plans
30. Open door with owner/director
31. Extra pay for last minute shifts
32. Opportunities for advancement
33. Access to health, dental and supplemental insurance
34. Incentive time off
35. Schedules fit to life demands

Plus a few notes from our employees:

  • "It is fast-paced"
  • "Interaction among coworkers and their positive attitudes"
  • "The Boss - caring and understanding with a great attitude"
  • "Gaining knowledge via available training"
  • "Feeling of satisfaction"
  • "Different environments"
  • "Learning different methods of others"

Essential Functions:

  • Adheres to Agency policies and procedures
  • Performs work under the supervision of the Staffing Coordinator/Client Care Representative
  • Performs homemaking activities contained in the Client Home Record which includes, but is not limited to: preparing grocery list, shopping, prescription pickup or other errands, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, doing dishes, cleaning refrigerator and discarding expired food, laundry, mopping floors, bed making; occupied and unoccupied including changing bed linens, laundry, trash removal, and cleaning bathrooms
  • Prepares meals and snacks for client according to client/family and supervisor’s instructions. May perform grocery shopping, if prearranged with the office
  • Provides companionship for the client including accompanying client on walks, trips to social/recreational activities, assistance with hobbies, etc.
  • Responsible for written documentation of services provided, utilizing the Client Care Record
  • The Personal Care Assistant should not contact the physician directly, but rather refer all questions or reports to the supervisor
  • Performs personal care activities contained in a written assignment by the Supervisor which includes but is not limited to, assisting the patient with activities of daily living, such as:
    • Personal hygiene (assisting to bathroom or in using bedpan, bathing, care of mouth, skin and hair)
    • Ambulation
    • Eating
    • Dressing and grooming
    • Shaving
    • Meal planning and preparation
  • Performs other duties as directed by supervisor or assigned activities that are taught by a nurse for a specific patient. These include but not limited to:
    • Turning and positioning
    • Assisted transfers utilizing assertive devices
    • Assisting with the change of ostomy appliances
    • Reinforcement of dressings (non-sterile)
    • Assisting with the use of devices for aid to daily living (cane, walker, wheelchair or lift device)
    • Assisting with prescribed range of motion exercises
    • Assisting with self-administered simple urine tests for sugar acetone or albumin (Personal Care Assistant may not interpret results)
    • Measuring and preparing special diets
    • Recording weight
    • Measuring nutritional intake and output
    • Taking vital signs (temperature, pulse, respirations and blood pressure)
    • Catheter care (limited to cleansing and positioning of external parts of drainage system and emptying drainage system
    • Assist with application of arm sling, arm splint or leg splint

Additional (non-essential) Desired Functions:

  • Performs other duties as directed by supervisors

Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Availability:

  • High school graduate of G.E.D. certificate preferred
  • One year experience working within a long-term care facility or successful completion of a State Approved Personal Care Assistant Certification, Certified Nurse Aid course or an equivalent or higher degree healthcare degree
  • Successfully complete a written competency evaluation and/or successfully demonstrate personal care skills as required
  • Must maintain a positive attitude, have a sympathetic attitude toward the care of the sick, and the ability to deal effectively with the demands of the job
  • Read, write, speak, and understand English as needed for the job
  • Have valid driver’s license and use of an insured automobile for work or access to adequate transportation
  • Dress clean, neat, and well groomed
  • Be dependable, honest and reliable. Arrive on time, doing tasks efficiently, and leaving on time
  • Speak politely and cheerfully to the client, even when not in a good mood
  • Properly explain the care you will provide before providing it. And, always following care practices, such as hand washing, universal precautions, to protect you and the client
  • Documenting and reporting consistently and accurately
  • Consistently follow policies and procedures
  • Successfully complete new hire orientation
  • Recruit other personal care assistants
  • Communicating problems, concerns, or suggestions and asking questions when you do not know or understand something
  • Follow a plan of care and take direction or constructive criticism effectively
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of all Right at Home employees, clients, families, and residents
  • Maintain and provide evidence of a tuberculosis (TB) test annually
  • Participate in educational in-services required annually
  • Communicate availability, changes in personal information, time off requests, and leaves of absences timely
  • Working Conditions/Environment:
  • Primarily works in client’s place of residence, travel required. Shift times and days vary with client needs

Note/Special Instructions:

  • May be called upon to perform additional tasks as required by supervisor

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