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Published By Gregg Fulton on September 20, 2018

Gregg Fulton, Owner Right at Home Hilton Head and Savannah

Gregg Fulton, owner, Right at Home of Hilton Head and Savannah

Discussing Healthy Aging on "Mid-Morning Live" 

We were happy to meet with the team at WTOC CBS in Savannah recently to talk about aging well.  If you'd like to directly watch the interview with Gregg Fulton, you can visit WTOC's website.

The segment focused on both current lifestyle habits as well as planning for potential changes that may happen as a result of unanticipated health events or just during the natural aging process.  

As Societal Demographics Change, Concerns about Care

Gregg highlighted how changing demographics are creating a need for more people to plan ahead for life transitions.

"There's 76 million baby boomers over 50, so you know times are changing the demand is out there...That's why it's so important when we talk about staying healthy and doing the right things."

Gregg highlighted the value of planning ahead for aging care. 

"A lot of people wait until it's too late, when it's a critical situation. You know you want to go to companies like us and really start interviewing and find the people you want to work with early on before a situation gets that way." 

Gathering Information About Aging Care Options 

After serving the Hilton Head and Savannah communities with senior care for over fourteen years, Gregg mentioned that Right at Home will often receive information requests from healthy aging adults who just look to his team for information about what to expect in the future in terms of different care options as they grow older. 

"We go from anything from just companionship, to physical assistance and nursing and specialty care like Alzheimer's and Dementia."

Gregg explained that caregiving and companion services can help adults with staying mentally and socially connected by engaging with them in  exercise, conversation, games or reading at home or providing them transportation to senior activities in other locations. 

Gregg mentioned an ending tip that it's very important to go through a thorough and detailed interview process with any type of care service to ensure the right match. 

For more information about Right at Home services visit our website or call us at (912) 691-8752.

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