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How Home Healthcare Workers Are Navigating the COVID-19 Outbreak

Right at Home of Southern Maryland was recently featured in an article from Healthline, a website and provider of health information. Melanie Lamar, Co-Owner of Right at Home Southern Maryland, was interviewed by Roz Plater for an article about how home healthcare workers are navigating the COVID-19 outbreak across the nation.

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Thyroid and Aging

The thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland just above the collarbone at the base of the neck, is responsible for secreting hormones into the bloodstream that regulate the body’s metabolic processes such as temperature, heartbeat and digestion.

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Keeping Older Loved Ones Warm in Winter

Prevention of cold exposure to seniors takes precautionary measures before winter sets in, and staying on top of it by family members, caregivers and those familiar with the older loved one’s health and living environment.

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Long Distance Caregiving: Home Care Can Help

When an older loved one needs care and support or when a care crisis occurs, family members come face to face with the challenge of long distance caregiving. If this describes your situation, it's important to understand your loved one's needs and to work with other family members and professional service providers to make sure those needs are met.

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Budgeting for In-Home Care

There are many ways that in-home care can save money. What might at first seem like an added expense may well be the very puzzle piece that helps the family budget remain sound.

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