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Homemaker and Companion Caregiver (Terre Haute, IN)

Homemaker services offer direct and practical assistance consisting of household tasks and related activities.  Homemaker services assist the client to remain in a clean, safe, and healthy home environment.  Homemaker services are provided when the individual is unable to meet these needs or when an informal caregiver is unable to meet these needs for the individual.

Essential Functions

1. Providing housekeeping tasks which include:

 Dusting and straightening furniture
 Cleaning floors and rugs by wet or dry mop and vacuum sweeping
 Cleaning the kitchen, including:

  • Washing dishes, pots, and pans
  • Cleaning the outside of appliances, counters, and cupboards
  • Cleaning ovens and defrosting and cleaning refrigerators

 Maintaining a clean bathroom, including:

  • Cleaning the tub, shower, sink, toilet bowl, and medicine cabinet
  • Emptying and cleaning commode chair or urinal

 Laundering clothes in the home or laundromat, including:

  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Folding
  • Putting away
  • Ironing
  • Basic mending and repair

 Changing linen and making beds
 Washing inside of windows
 Removing trash from the home
 Choosing appropriate procedures, equipment, and supplies

  • Improvising when there are limited supplies
  • Keeping equipment clean and in its proper place

 Clearing primary walk-ways

2. Providing assistance with meals or nutrition which includes:

 Shopping, including planning and putting food away
 Making meals, including special diets under the supervision of a registered dietitian or health professional

3. Running the following essential errands:

 Grocery shopping
 Household supply shopping
 Prescription pickup

4. Providing assistance with correspondence and bill paying


Homemaker services must be able to follow a written care plan addressing specific needs determined by the client’s assessment and:

1) Be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
2) Be competent to provide services according to the individual's plan of care.
3) Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate.
4) Submit a copy of a current negative TB test or negative chest x-ray that is completed annually.
5) Possess a current, valid state-issued driver's license if the employee will be transporting an individual.
6) Provide proof of current insurance on the vehicle used to transport an individual that meets current Indiana requirements.


  • Assistance with hands-on services such as eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and activities of daily living
  • Escorting or transporting clients to community activities or errands
  • Homemakers services provided to household members other than to the participant
  • Cleaning up of the yard, defined as lawn mowing, raking leaves
  • Homemaker services will not be reimbursed when provided as an individual provider by a parent of a minor child, the spouse of the client, the attorney-in-fact (POA) of a client, the healthcare representative (HCR) of a client, or the legal guardian of a client.

Homemaker services to participant receiving adult family care waiver services, structured family caregiving waiver services, or assisted living waiver services.

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